Egregious, the limiting skyline

Cramped crowded cityscape

Fela Kuti licks the soul like a wound.

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Like a nesting doll, an elegant coffee front sits inside. And another level down our host will be waiting for us. Jef will soon remind us where we are ‘This [room] was the janitor’s closet for the board and dairy depot. That was here many many moons ago. Kind of like an homage to what the space was and to me like a love letter to the neighborhood. What it used to be. The Cabrini…

As all great travels begin, we start with a drunken proposition. Dive deep into the world of drinks…

A rebellious young man is guzzling a daiquiri. He is lying on top of the bar and the words treat yourself apear next to him
This piece should be pared with: Bas Armagnac Napoleon Learn and Mozart’s Requiem Lacrimosa Listen

My obsession with the Restaurant Industry began as a barista one blistering summer day in Tucson as I was wasting the afternoon away. I didn’t have a care in the world. As far as I was concerned this would be my gig forever, when in walks the beverage director for the restaurant across the way. He sits down, without ordering anything, ruffles his rugged brow unbuttons his blazer, and scanned through his notebook leisurely. I had seen this guy before but bartenders…

Reaching for the same Rum bottle at the bar will only lead to bland memories entrenched in routine.
Be a better bartender. Explore your palate with Wayward Muse

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As small beads begin to develop on your brow, a gentle breeze comes to caress away the heat. The ocean calms your mind as you gaze on its eternal ebb and flow. Laughter echoes off the water as everyone around you soaks up the sun. An ex-pat dives into the sea as you seek shelter from the heat. You sip a local spirit to solidify your Caribbean experience.

You pick the seat closest to the rust-covered fan that is moving the moisture soaked air from one corner of the bar to another. The barkeep is talking to another Islander. You’re…

Uffizi, the Duomo’s of ancient city-states, Lamprodoto from Florence all make the list, but one of the greatest things about Italy is its Spirits.

A photo of Bobbio from my first visit to Italy

There is a weathered road where the bus from Milan ends. Here nestled amongst the vine covered hills is Rivergaro. The village greets you like a kind Italian smile. It was here that I had my first experience with Italian Spirits. I don’t want to lead you astray. By this, I mean wine, amaro, and grappa.

My cousin and I had found a work/stay opportunity at a small vineyard outside this dreamy northern town. I was young. My experience with other cultures and drinks was very limited. I thought an IPA was an exotic experience. …

This started as a reference to another project. Now we are knee deep in juniper berries. The HISTORY OF GIN is a reference for anyone who might need it.

Photo by Brian Walker of Wayward Muse

70 AD

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